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Here are a few tips for you to use in the care of your carpets and upholstery now that they have been professionally cleaned by Overcast Restoration Inc.

Tabs or blocks have been place under your furniture in order to prevent damage to them or the carpet while your carpet dries.  Please leave them in place for at least 24 hours after cleaning.  Even though it takes only a fraction of that time for the carpet to dry, this insures that no damage can take place.
Try to keep traffic to a minimum.  Damp carpets are slippery and you could fall and hurt yourself.  Damp carpets are also more readily soiled when they are walked on (they clean your shoes for you, and leave the soil in the carpet.)

Remember the importance of vacuuming (please read carpet and upholstery cleaning process) and vacuum your carpets on a regular basis with a quality vacuum, preferably one with a true HEAP filter.

Spot your carpets and upholstery as soon as the spot happens, or at least as soon as you discover the spot.  Remember that spots are usually easy to remove if taken care of right away, but if allowed to sit can become stains that are extremely difficult or impossible to remove.  (please read our enclosed spot guide)

If spots reappear after cleaning, or your not satisfied with any portion of your cleaning experience, please refer to our guarantee section and call Overcast Restoration Inc. at 406-265-2511.
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