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Just how good are you?

Just check out our garage carpet cleaning example to see how thorough of a carpet cleaning job that we can perform for you.  Even if your carpets are not as soiled as the carpets in our example, we can still make your carpets fresh, clean, and healthy. But donít just believe me, check out our Customer Reviews and see what your friends and neighbors are saying about Overcast Restoration Inc.

But do I really need to clean my Carpets?

In order to maintain your warrantee on your new carpets you are required to clean your carpets at least every two years.  There are also health reasons to keep your carpets clean.  Check out Why should I clean my carpets for full details.  Also check out why you need to add Carpet Protector to your carpet in order to maintain your carpets beautiful appearance.
I'm sure you know that price is what you pay. Value is what you get, carpet cleaning is really no different than anything else, you get what you pay for. I can tell you right now that I'm not the cheapest cleaner in town. But trust me when I tell you that you cannot afford to pay the very high cost of a cheap cleaning job. I can't even tell you the countless times my company has corrected conditions left behind by these "bargain" companies. or it's FREE!" 
You'll find my prices reasonable, our results phenomenal, and our service extraordinary. And because our 11 step cleaning process insures that you have the best cleaning possible, we are able to offer your our unparalleled guarantee: "You Will Receive The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever or it's FREE!" 
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