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Carpet protectors are applied to the surface yarns of a carpet to change both the surface tension and the surface energy of the carpet.  This helps your carpet in four ways.

1.  The primary purpose of fabric protector is to prevent particulate soil from penetrating to deep into the carpet fiber.  This makes vacuuming more efficient.  Please remember from our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Process, and our Why should I Clean My Carpets sections, that particulate soils (the soils that can be removed by thorough vacuuming) is the number one destroyer of carpets.  By making your vacuuming more efficient it helps to prolong the useful life of your carpets.

2. The second way that carpet protector helps with is repelling water based spills,  such as juice, cola, tea, etc.  This works also by not letting the spill penetrate deeply into the fibers, giving you more time to clean the spill up.

3. Carpet protector also helps protect against and repel oil based spots such as asphalt, motor oil, some cosmetics, crayon, ect..  This is accomplished in the same way as in repelling water based stains. 

4.  The Acid Dye blocker part of the protector is modern technology used to combat acid dye stains such as Kool-aid, wine, juice and such.  Often with treated carpets these spills can be easily removed without warranting special treatments.

The most important thing to remember about carpet protectors is that  they don’t make the carpets “bullet proof.”  If a spill occurs on your carpet, you need to give immediate attention to it.  The protector will give you time to clean it up, but after the surface tension around the carpet fibers are broken, the spill can soak into the fibers, making the spill more difficult, and sometimes impossible to remove.
Overcast Restoration Inc. uses Bridgepoint’s Maxim®  flourochemical carpet protector with acid dye blockers.  Let me take a few minutes to describe what all that techno-jargon means and how it will help you with your carpet maintenance.
Most carpets have some kind of fluorochemical protector installed on them at the carpet mill.  These carpets are sold under a variety of different names but are all commonly referred to as Stain Resistant carpets.  This protector will eventually lose effectiveness due to normal traffic and age.  Reapplication of protector is helpful in keeping you carpets performance at optimum levels.
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