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Just imagine what we can do with your carpet!
We know that your carpet doesn’t look as bad as this one, but with kids, pets, and spouses running all over it, your
carpet probably needs a little attention.  Just look at the final results. The carpet on the left almost looks new.  If we
can take a carpet that is as trashed out, ugly, and abused as this one and make it look good. Imagine how nice we
can make yours look.  Contact us  today to set up and appointment to make your home clean and healthy!

That was when the idea hit us
We approached our friends at the American Garage in Chinook Montana.  They allowed us to carpet one of their service
bays.  Not their lobby, or their office, one of the service bays! The same service bays that their highly trained
technicians change oil, repair muddy and oily pick-up trucks, spill oil and anti-freeze, and …. well you get the point, we
have all seen a mechanics garage at work.  We installed the carpet and left it in place for a full thirty days. At first the
technicians were scared to get it dirty, but that only lasted a little while before they decided to see how dirty they could
get it.
How in the world are you going to get that
Yes, we know that this is an extreme case of a dirty
carpet, but we wanted to show you how our 11 step
cleaning process is the best process for cleaning
carpets out there.  We decided the best way to clean
this carpet is to only clean half of it so that a very good
comparison.  First we applied our powerful pre-spray to
loosen the imbedded soil. This stuff is tough. It goes to
work right away loosing the “impossible” ground in dirt
and grease. Then we agitated the carpet in order to
help loosen the soil.
We then start the extraction process with our rotary extraction machine.  This machine makes 650 cleaning passes per minute!  And because it is rotary, it cleans all sides of the carpet fiber. 
As always with our carpet cleaning, we use our specialized spotters to remove any remaining stain and spots left in the carpet as we are cleaning.
That is what they told us when we came up with this idea. We wanted a
way to show everyone how good we are at cleaning carpets.  I decided
that rather than  tell you how good we are I would come up with a way to
show you.  After some time thinking of a way to showcase how amazing
we are at cleaning carpet.
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