Do I have to use the restoration company my insurance company recommends I use?
No, you have the right to choose the company you are comfortable with to work in your home.
The insurance company will work with any restoration company you choose.

Do I have to file an insurance claim before I call a restoration company to start the work?
No, calling a restoration company immediately after a loss is the first step in minimizing damages.

How do I know if a loss is covered by my insurance company?
The best way is to refer to your insurance policy, or call your agent for that information.

What if I have a restoration company repairing my home and then I find out its not covered by my insurance company?
If you have a loss in your home and your insurance company informs you it is not covered by insurance, you are responsible for paying the restoration company in full for the work.

What is a deductible?
A deductible is a set amount you owe to the restoration company in addition to what the insurance company will pay to have your home repaired.  Refer to your insurance policy for that amount.

How will you handle my water loss?
We first dispatch technicians to respond to the water loss to extract any standing water, and to take care of wet materials and contents.  We then install a drying system in order to restore your home back to dry standard.

Do you test for mold?
Overcast Restoration does not test for mold.  We recommend Keith Cron with CTA Construction and Environmental, who is certified to test mold.  After testing has been completed and the protocol has been written, we can begin remediation on the mold.

How do you check for mold?
We are not certified to test mold, therefore we can only do visual inspections of the area.  We can then make suggestions from our observations.

Can mold cause health problems? 
Please contact your local physician or visit for answers to this question or other health related questions.



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