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Canít I just spray bleach or something on the mold and kill it?
This is the most asked question that we get.  In order to answer it you need to understand how mold can affect you.  Mold looks much like a white dandelion under a micro scope.  There is a stem, or hyphea that grows into the food source; and the spores or seeds.  These spores are between 1 and 20 microns in size (very small) and are designed to float in the air in order to reproduce more mold colonies.  Because they are so small, there are hundreds of thousands of spores on a surface in order for them to even become visible to the human eye. 

These spores can affect you in one of three ways,
1.They can be highly allergenic.  The allergenic response varies depending on the person and the type of mold, but can be very deadly to some people.
2.They can cause mycotoxic response .  Mycotoxins  are poisons created by the molds in order to become the dominate mold colony in the area.  These mycotoxins vary as per the type of mold.  Some of these mycotoxins are proven to be carcinogenic, some have been proven to cause memory loss, and lots of other responses. 
3.The mold can grow in your body.   This reaction is incredibly rare and usually only happens to people that have severe immune deficiencies.

When you spray something onto the mold spores, you cause them to become airborne and produce mycotoxins because they feel threatened.  This causes hundreds of thousands of mold spores to be deposited through-out the structure and causing potential health problems.

Even if you could ďkillĒ all of the mold spores, they are still allergenic and they still have all of the mycotoxins contained in the walls of the spores.

How is mold remediation done?
Source removal under very controlled conditions is the only way to remediate mold.  If the moldy materials are just torn out by the homeowner or an untrained, uncertified contractor; mold spores become highly elevated in the structure.  These materials need to be removed under very controlled conditions, in a containment area, and cleaned to a dust free area in order to pass a clearance test.

Why do you recommend third party clearance testing?
Because the spores are so small, the human eye cannot see them.  Third party IEPís can test the indoor environment to make sure that it has been cleaned thoroughly enough.  Overcast Restoration believes that having a third party doing these tests allows for transparency in the remediation process. 

Where can I go for more information?
For more information on mold and indoor air quality, visit or give us a call @ 800-477-3753.

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