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While you are waiting for Overcast Restoration to arrive, there are things you should and should not do to help contain the damages and prevent further loss:


• Call Overcast Restoration Immediately.
• Turn off the circuit breakers supplying electricity to wet areas.
• Unplug and remove any small electrical devices currently located on wet carpet.
• Watch slipping hazards when walking from wet carpet onto vinyl or hardwood floors.
• Remove valuable paintings and art objects to a safe place.
• Remove Oriental or colored area rugs from wet carpeting.
• Carefully remove miscellaneous items from wood furniture and wipe it down.
• Remove books, magazines and other color staining items from wet floors.
• Place aluminum foil or saucers between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
• Remove and prop up wet cushions to facilitate drying. Check them for any color bleeding.
• Separate wet clothing to prevent moisture build-up and color transfer.
• Punch small holes in sagging ceilings to help trapped water escape. If unsure about the danger of
  the ceiling collapsing, don’t attempt to punch these holes!
• Begin to remove as much standing water as possible by mopping and blotting with dry white
• Open wet cabinet doors and drawers. If swollen, do not force open.
• Circulate air for maximum drying by opening windows in cool weather or turning on the air
  conditioning in warm weather.

WARNING: Before doing anything, make sure that there is no imminent danger from structural, electrical, or health problems. If you are unsure, don't attempt to do anything until help arrives.  If the damage involves floodwater or raw sewage, there are bio-hazardous conditions present and you should always wait for a professional before proceeding.


Should you experience a disaster call Overcast Restoration at
(406) 265-2511 for immediate assistance.

• Do not turn ceiling fans on when the ceiling is wet.
• Do not use a household vacuum to remove standing water.
• Do not leave wet fabrics in place. Dry as soon as possible.
• Do not leave books, magazines or other color staining items from wet floors.
• Do not leave furniture directly on wet carpeting.
• Do not attempt to clean upholstery, oriental rugs or other potentially color staining fibers with
  ordinary household cleaners.
• Do not leave colored rugs on wet wall-to-wall carpeting. Remove them until carpeting is completely
• Do not begin to repair or repaint any damage surfaces until they are completely dry.

Should you experience a disaster call Overcast Restoration
at (406) 265-2511 for immediate assistance.

If you have been the victim of water damage at your home or office, time is of the essence. It is important for you to know that your insurance carrier expects you to take steps to prevent further damages and your coverage stipulates that you make every reasonable effort to minimize the damage.

You must make every effort to determine the source of the water and see if it can be shut off, if only temporarily, to prevent further damage. It may be necessary for you to call a licensed plumber for repairs at the source of the water. Remember to call Overcast Restoration for help immediately…
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